Moisture In Atmosphere Has Pros And Cons In Fighting Fire

Sep 5, 2017

Right now (Tuesday afternoon)- the communities of McKenzie Bridge, Rainbow and Belknap Springs are at Level 1 (that’s “get ready”) evacuation notice.

Stewart Turner is a Fire Behavior Analyst.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

Fire behavior analyst, Stewart Turner, told residents the moisture in the atmosphere forecast for the next couple days-- is a “give and take.”

Turner: “Talking about having some moisture coming in from the tropical storm south down California way. Now that’s great news because it’ll bring the humidity up which lowers the fire behavior activity. The unfortunate thing about moisture in the atmosphere—it’s energy. And energy makes lightening. So we’ll probably have another round of lightening Wednesday night, maybe Thursday night.”

Stewart Turner (left) and Jay Lusher, Operations Section Chief, are with the Southwest Area Management Team mobilized to help contain fires burning in Willamette National Forest.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

Which means more fire starts are predicted. Turner is with the Southwest Area Management Team.  He and others in Incident Control have been mobilized to the region to help contain the Horse Creek Complex and other fires burning in the Willamette National Forest.