More OHP Users Get Free Rides to Medical Appointments

Jan 14, 2020

Credit Lane Transit District

Some Lane County residents on the Oregon Health Plan have access to free transportation to their medical appointments. Now, Lane Transit District is partnering with another provider to expand this service.

Oregon Health Plan is the name of the state’s Medicaid program—run by Oregon Health Authority—which works with Coordinated Care Organizations. Since 2013, LTD has provided transportation to Trillium patients. Now, they are also offering it to those with PacificSource.

Cosette Reese is the Director of Specialized Services at LTD. She said they provide more than just transportation to and from appointments within Lane County.

“We actually have transported people to the Mayo Clinic,” said Reese. “We've transported people up to OHSU and to other communities outside of our own because people have the right and the access to seek healthcare there.”

About 6% of people who qualify for OHA in the county use LTD services. Reese said this is about double the state average for use of transportation services for medical appointments.