Mother's Milk Donation Drop Site Opens

May 13, 2014

PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend will now accept donations of breast milk. It's the first hospital-based project of its kind in Lane County. KLCC's Tiffany Eckert reports how the new milk drop site works.

Midwives and health care practitioners have long known mother's milk is the best food an infant can get. But, sometimes a woman can't produce milk for her new born. That's when other mothers can help.

Registered nurse and lactation consultant Jana Langeliers coordinates the donor milk drop site (at PeaceHealth Medical.)

Donated breast milk from Lane County is processed by Northwest Mothers Milk Bank of Portland.
Credit Northwest Mothers Milk Bank

"We have a number of moms out there who have an oversupply or stopped nursing or for whatever reason have milk to give. So we have the opportunity to collect that milk, prepare it for shipping and send it up to Northwest Mothers Milk Bank where they test and pasteurize it for the hospitals to purchase."

Langeliers says mother's milk costs hospitals about $4.00 an ounce. But there is no charge to moms or babies thanks to a Children's Miracle Network grant.

Potential milk donors must first contact Northwest Mothers Milk Bank to schedule a screening interview. If approved, women undergo prepaid blood work. Then, donor moms just drop off their milk at the surgery drive through at PeaceHealth RiverBend.

To schedule a preliminary screening interview with Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, call 1(800) 204-4444