NAACP Environmental Justice Coordinator to Advocate for Policy Change

Feb 14, 2020

The Eugene Springfield NAACP office.
Credit ERIC ALAN / KLCC News


Citing the effects of climate change on underserved communities, the Eugene Springfield NAACP wants a new Environmental Justice Coordinator who’ll advocate for policy change.

NAACP executive director Eric Richardson said the group works to address many forms of race-based discrimination.

“The work of the NAACP is not just criminal justice work, it’s not just educational work—it’s really looking after the totality of our community and the needs of the black community,” said Richardson.

The current coordinator is taking a job in Chicago said Richardson. He hopes to fill the position by March.

“We want to make sure that as we’re transitioning to a green economy that the NAACP is helping to keep the change rooted in communities of color and poor folks so they can benefit,” said Richardson.

The coordinator will also work with environmental advocacy group Beyond Toxics.