NAACP: Springfield Police Action On July 29th Violated Rights Of Protesters

Jul 31, 2020

The local branch of the NAACP says it’s demanding Springfield Police work to de-escalate community divisions, not add to them by quote-- “pitting one portion of the community against another.” 

In this June 26 photo, Springfield Police and Black Unity protesters hold their respective positions.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC

In a statement released today, the group says it’s concerned that people’s civil rights were violated by Springfield officers, referring to actions used against protesters Wednesday night. 

In footage from that confrontation, police, protesters, and counter protesters are seen shouting at each other, before some protesters are pulled under a barricade by law enforcement.

Some say counter protesters stalked and threatened people who were there peacefully, without intervention by nearby officers.

The Eugene-Springfield NAACP is asking people who feel their rights were infringed to log a complaint on their online incident report form.

The statement ends with, "We need to increase transparency and accountability to the right to peacefully protest."

A request for comment from the Springfield Police has not been returned as of this time.

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