National Earthquake Drill Thursday

Oct 16, 2013

Thursday morning, Oregonians will participate in a national Earthquake Drill. Organizers of the Great Shake Out are encouraging everyone to take part.

Drop, cover, hold.
Credit The Great Shake Out

Linda Cook is Lane County Emergency Manager. She says it's inevitable that earthquakes will affect our region.

Cook: "But it's impossible to predict when they're going to occur, where they'll occur or what the damage ultimately will be. So we just need to be prepared. So the idea is for people to just know what to do when that happens. And the thing to do is to drop, cover, and hold on."

That means getting under a table or desk and holding onto the legs. If that's not an option, move to a corner of the room and cover your neck and head with your arms. The Great Shakeout takes place at 10:17 Thursday morning.