National Interest In CAHOOTS Swamps White Bird Clinic's Inbox

Sep 7, 2020

Dozens of American cities have reached out to a Eugene-based alternative policing program in the past few months.  With renewed attention on how policing is carried out following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, CAHOOTS is often referred to as an efficient alternative.

CAHOOTS medic Daniel Felts and crisis counselor Kimber Haws, in a February 2019 photo.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Tim Black is the Director of Consulting for White Bird Clinic, which operates the mobile crisis intervention service.

“I think we’ve gotten over 150 requests from different cities in the last couple of months," he told KLCC. 

"In addition to that list we’ve seen more recently the city of Vallejo in California has approved funding for a pilot program based on the CAHOOTS model.  Culver City is also really interested in exploring how a similar program can be brought to their community as well as to the rest of Los Angeles County.”

Black added efforts to create CAHOOTS-style programs in Houston and Austin are also gaining traction.

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