New Building Replaces Snyder Hall At UCC

Mar 23, 2018

Friday, Umpqua Community college held a dedication ceremony for a new building. It replaces Snyder Hall, where on October 1st 2015, a gunman opened fire, killing 9 people, then himself.

Steve Loosley is on the Umpqua Community College Board of Education. He says the new building is named Tapho'ytha, a Native American word that comes from the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Indian Tribe. He says Tapho'ytha means to prosper or be blessed, which is significant as the community works to heal from the tragedy.
“It helps us to really look past the events and even though we continue to grieve, we still look forward to a new start, a new beginning if you will. So we’re really thankful for the relationship that we have with the Cow Creek band.”
The $4.25 million building is 9,500 square feet and single story. Three local companies donated lumber for the building which Loosley says was designed to fit in with the other buildings on the more than 50 year old UCC campus.