New City Hall To Unite With Park Blocks and Farmers Market Plans As Part of 'Town Square' Project

Aug 30, 2018

This map details the areas of potential renovation and development as a result of the project.
Credit (Lane County)

City officials decided the revitalization of Eugene’s City Hall will merge with two other downtown projects. 

The project is another piece in what has been a long process of rebuilding Eugene’s City Hall. The “Town Square” project, as it’s called, also means improvements to downtown’s main park and a plan to construct a year round farmer’s market space. These can all be designed and budgeted under one umbrella.

Will Dowdy is the urban development manager for the City of Eugene, and says the projects were a natural fit.

“These things are going to be around for a long time, and they’re going to always interact with each other, people will experience them together. And so want to think of them in the planning and design process as an ensemble.”

An October court decision will decide if the new city hall can be legally built as part of a land swap with Lane County. City officials will set design and preliminary budgets for the project this fall.