New Hydroelectric Turbine Running In Astoria

Mar 4, 2015

A new hydroelectric turbine is up and running in the City of Astoria. The renewable energy project is expected to save the city thousands in annual power costs.

The turbine is located in Astoria’s Bear Creek Reservoir and will balance the amount of power used by the city’s water treatment plant. Pacific Power spokesman Tom Gauntt says the idea for the hydroelectric turbine began in 2006 when the city was looking for renewable energy ideas. The generator was partially funded by donations from Pacific Power customers.  

Gauntt: “For the last 15 years, Pacific Power has had a renewable energy program called the Blue Sky Program. So folks volunteer to pay a couple extra bucks a month, sometimes it’s by a usage amount, but it’s something that you have a lot of options and you decide.”

The hydroelectric turbine project provided around 25 jobs for several months in Astoria.