New Logo Reflecting Mascot Change On Display At SEHS

Aug 1, 2018

The new mascot for South Eugene High School is now prominently part of the campus’ renovation.

The former SEHS logo with "Axemen" (left) and the new one installed this week with "Axe".
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Work crews installed the new school logo Monday, on the building’s main face. It replaces the “Axemen” with simply “Axe”.

The move follows months of debate and community input that started last year.

Critics of the near-century-old “Axemen” mascot said it was gender-exclusive. Backers disagreed, adding it was an important tradition for students and alumni.

In February, South Eugene’s principal recommended the change. The 4-J superintendent approved it.

A 4-J spokeswoman says most school athletic uniforms have since been updated with the “Axe” moniker.

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