New Programs Coming to KLCC Schedule

Jan 3, 2020

It's a new year, a new decade and a great time to check out some new sounds in the world of Public Radio! I hope that you'll find something to get excited about and will appreciate the new voices and perspectives that will be coming to KLCC's airwaves. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out; you can email me at

The Daily 

Weekdays at 3:00pm & 6:30pm

Hosted by Michael Barbaro and powered by The New York Times' newsroom, The Daily brings listeners the biggest stories of our time, told by exceptional journalists. I've had listeners ask for this program and I'm delighted to offer it. Its deep dives into important and relevent topics ranging from the consequences of genetic databases on privacy to contemplating art that's created by figures who are potentially problematic will leave you with much to consider at the conclusion of each episode. 

To make space for The Daily at 3:00pm Fresh Air will have a new time, weekdays at 1:00pm. On Point will no longer air on KLCC. 

To make space for The Daily at 6:30pm City Club of Eugene, Reveal, Radiolab, and Straight Street will be moving to a new start time of 7:00pm. Wednesday nights at 7:00pm will be the time for the next new show I'd like to introduce you to. 

PRX Remix Select

Wednesdays at 7:00pm & Sundays at 11:00am 

PRX, or the Public Radio Exchange, is a distributor of Public Radio content and the PRX Remix is a 24/7 Stream and web platform that offers up a wide variety of audio content from independent producers. On it you can hear innovative sounds and stories from sources like 99% Invisible, Ear Hustle, and To the Best of our Knowledge. Its slick editing and far-reaching topics make it a delight to listen to and makes each episode genuinely surprising. 

The TED Radio Hour will no longer air on KLCC. 

Live Wire

Saturdays 11am

Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me listeners are likely to recognize the voice and antics of Luke Burbank, who is a frequent panelist on that show. Live Wire is a variety show produced out of Portland in front of a studio audience. On it you can hear conversations with authors such as Saeed Jones, comedians like W. Kamau Bell, and musical performances from acts like Tacocat and Chastity Brown

To make space for this program This American Life will have a new time, Saturdays at noon, rather than 11am. Blues Power will have a new time from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. 

All Songs Considered

Saturdays 6pm

This is the premier program of NPR Music, one of the best sources of music discovery you'll find. Whether they're reviewing the year in music, sharing fascinating conversations with the likes of Angel Olsen and John Congleton, or reminiscing about what music got listeners through school, you're bound to hear new and exciting music and perhaps will even develop more appreciation for music that you already know. As an NPR station and as a station with so many great and eclectic locally-produced music programs I think KLCC listeners will find lots to love.  


Saturdays 6:30pm

Speaking of NPR Music, Alt.Latino is their weekly focus on new alternative Latin music, including diverse genres such as cumbia, Mexican garage rock, Panamanian rap, heavy metal mariachi and many more boundary-blurring sounds from around the world. Recent episodes include a conversation with Mexican Regional band Los Tigres del Norte, who performed inside Folsom Prison 50 years after Johnny Cash famously did the same. Listeners have also been treated to a playlist dedicated to "Music for the Robot Apocalypse." This program, alongside All Songs Considered, will add more diverse voices and sounds to KLCC's airwaves and I just know our adventurous listeners will be up for it.

To make space for these programs, the second broadcast of Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me will move to Sundays at noon. That will give Mist Covered Mountain a new start time of 1:00pm, and Front Porch will have a new start time of 3:00pm. 

Thank you for all of your support. I hope you find lots to discover and enjoy and to be inspired by on KLCC, both through these new programs and our current outstanding shows. From local news to music you're not likely to find anywhere else, KLCC offers sounds that are only possible thanks to the support of our curious and open-minded listening community. 

Jason Brown, Program Director KLCC