New Project From OSU Libraries Highlights Faculty Work On Climate Science

Jul 25, 2018

Credit Wikipedia

Oregon State University released a new website cataloging an oral history of their faculty’s work on climate change. 

“Voices of a Warming Planet” was put together by the OSU library and features interviews with 12 of the university’s leading figures in climate science. The talks come complete with video and an interactive transcript.

Christ Peterson spearheaded the project and says it’s designed to showcase the issue of climate change from multiple angles:

“We’ve got people from oceanography of course, but we’ve got people from public policy, and from philosophy, and from economics and whatnot that are engaging in different ways with it. So there’s a lot happening at OSU as far as this issue is concerned and I hope that’s reflected in the website.”

The website is part of OSU’s Voices initiative, which is a multi-year project with more than 600 hours of oral history content. The Voices of a Warming Planet project was constructed thanks to a new internship position and the work of Elizabeth Thorley.