New White Bird Dental Clinic To Give Locals Something To Smile About

Jun 6, 2019

Eugene’s low-income residents can soon get improved -and more accessible- care for their teeth and gums.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the White Bird Clinic is building a new dental facility.

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White Bird has operated a dental clinic since 1995. But Executive Coordinator Chris Hecht says it lacks adequate space and technology. He says a new clinic will help them expand capacity by nearly 75 percent.

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“We currently have seven dental chairs," he tells KLCC.  "The new clinic when fully built will have twelve.

"And that’ll allow us to have shorter wait times for patients for checkups and preventative care, offer more walk-in acute services. Also focus a bit more on serving the elderly, and children and family.”

The new dental facility will open on the 1400 block of Pearl Street in October. 

A capital campaign of $350,000 has been launched to help cover costs, as White Bird marks 50 years of service.

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