Newport Now Top West Coast Port For Commercial Fishing

Nov 1, 2015

Newport is now the dominate west coast port for commercial fishing, landing 124 million pounds of commercial fish.

Commercial fishing boats. Newport, Oregon, USA

Newport landed more fish and gave the most money back to the fisherman last year. That's according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Astoria has been the top west coast port by quantity since it overtook Los Angeles in 2012. Kevin Greenwood is the General Manager of the Port of Newport. He says since the Port was able to increase revenue from fishing, the commercial docks need to be upgraded.  

Greenwood: "And one of the top goals for me and the Port Commission is to find funds, long term, to replace the aging docks."

Greenwood says refurbishing the commercial docks and the increase in fishing quantity means more jobs. Last week, the Port of Newport was awarded a federal 2 million dollar grant to build a shipping facility at its international terminal.

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