No Increase In Crime, But More Awareness, In Eugene

Jul 31, 2019

While crime isn’t up in Eugene, awareness in some neighborhoods has grown. Home and car break-ins are frequently shared in apps like “nextdoor” and neighborhood Facebook groups. 

Jeff Blonde is a Crime Prevention Specialist with EPD.
Credit Brian Bull

New surveillance technology, like doorbell cameras, can catch thieves in action. But Eugene Police say there’s no notable increase in property crime from previous years. Crime Prevention Specialist Jeff Blonde says it’s helpful for EPD to be informed of an incident, even if nothing of value is taken.

“If a crime has occurred. Even if it seems minor, it’s good to report things. You can go online and do that or if it’s an non-emergency situation, even just to call something in, suspicious activity, so there is a record of it, because that’s documented.”

Credit EPD

Blonde says using things like steering wheel clubs for cars, putting alarms on windows, and never leaving anything in one’s vehicle can deter property crime. He also recommends investing in a good bike lock if you cycle.