Northwest Passage: Homeless Camping, Eugene 4J Food, Impeachment, And More

Dec 19, 2019

From top left: A Conestoga hut, Nanci Pelosi, 4J Nutrition Services Manager Jill Cuadros, The Book Bin, The Book Bin's cat, water bottles at Warm Springs.
Credit Community Supported Shelters, AP, Karen Richards, Chris Lehman, The Book Bin, Emily Cureton

The U.S. Supreme Court won’t review an Idaho court’s decision regarding homeless people camping on sidewalks, Lane County considers a homeless camp at the Fairgrounds. 

New legislation would fund water systems in tribal communities, Eugene 4J schools starts making food in-house from local ingredients. And we consider the implications of the impeachment of President Trump for Oregon’s Congressional delegation. Join KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporter Chris Lehman for this week's podcast.