Northwest Passage: Plentiful Pot Shops, Code Red, Love Scams, and more

Feb 13, 2020

Clockwise from top left: marijuana sign, scene from "Waterfall" part of Code Red anthology, KKK photo, beach trash, lion statue.
Credit Brian Bull, Oregon Historical Society, Darin Chumbly, Charlie Plybon, Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services,

Oregon is number one in the country for marijuana dispensaries per capita. Eugene schools consider how to better accommodate religious holidays. 

Code Red commemorates the victims of mass shootings with short plays. A new publication explores white supremacy and resistance in Oregon’s history. Also, scamming valentines, flip phones come back, and new emoji. We talk about all that and more with KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, reporter Brian Bull, and reporting fellow Elizabeth Gabriel.

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