Northwest Passage: Protesters Divided Over 'Tactics' After EPD Declares Recent Protest A Riot

Jul 29, 2020

Top Left & Right photos taken by Brian Bull during a protest on July 26. Bottom photo taken by Nathan Bouquet at a protest on July 25.

Weeks after the Eugene Police Department declared a riot on May 29, the department declared one again last Saturday, July 25. Demonstrators in Eugene gathered to stand in solidarity with Portland protesters in opposition of the Federal Department of Homeland Security and against police brutality. 

In this episode of the Northwest Passage, reporters discuss divisions among local anti-racist protesters, counter-protesters, and EPD arrests after protesters broke windows, spray painted buildings, and targeted a brewery that's been subjected to vandalism before. Featuring KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, and KLCC Reporters Brian Bull, Elizabeth Gabriel, and Nathan Bouquet.

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