Oakridge Institutes Water Restrictions

Jul 28, 2015

The City of Oakridge is asking residents and businesses to conserve water. The council has imposed a moderate water curtailment plan.

A view of Oakridge
Credit City Data

Louis Gomez is Oakridge City Administrator. He says the city has 4 active wells. A year ago this month they were drawn down to 62 feet. This year, the drawdown is at 85 feet.

Gomez says that's where the city's wells usually are in late August. He says the hope is to conserve water by issuing the mandatory restrictions.

Gomez: "We are instituting a watering plan for gardens and plants. That is the one thing that they can water. So they'll be allowed 20 minutes a day to water gardens and plants but no lawns."

Also prohibited: washing vehicles besides at a commercial facility. The filling of swimming pools is not allowed. And water must not be allowed to run into gutters or drains.