Oakridge Preps To Get Ahead Of Punishing Winter Storms

Nov 4, 2019

Last February’s heavy snowstorm disrupted many communities across Lane County, including the city of Oakridge. Thousands of downed trees closed Highway 58 for almost a week.  Residents also coped with power outages and a stuck train.

Contractors remove downed trees blocking Highway 58 near Oakridge, during the winter of 2019.
Credit ODOT

Oakridge Mayor Kathy Holston says looking ahead to this coming winter, she and other city leaders have established an emergency preparedness plan.

Oakridge mayor, Kathy Holston.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

”We’ve identified areas that we need to add facilities and equipment to," she tells KLCC. 

"Because we qualify for FEMA funds, there’s a grant coming up that we can get money for new generators and refurbish some of our buildings.”

A city administrator says Oakridge is pursuing federal money and scraping up any available city funds for critical needs. Officials hope to hear within a month’s time on their request.  If FEMA approves, they will receive $18,000.

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