ODFW Reviewing 10-Year Conservation / Nearshore Strategies

Jul 8, 2015

Oregon is reviewing how it protects wildlife and habitat. This means reviewing numerous planning documents and asking the public's input.

Credit Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon's Conservation and Nearshore Strategies were part of a nationwide attempt in 2005 to keep certain animals from being added to the endangered species list. Those efforts include building fences to keep vehicles from damaging habitat, or enacting restrictions to protect species such as the snowy plover. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Greg Krutzikowsky says after 10 years, they want to get public feedback on the success and possible changes for Oregon's approach.

Krutzikowsky: "These documents are non-regulatory, they are to try and help people focus their conservation efforts and we want to make sure that we are in line with public thinking."

Krutzikowsky says they hope to wrap up public comment later this month and have new documents ready by August. A final version of Oregon's Nearshore and Conservation Strategies will be presented in Salem in September.

Public Comment is being accepted online thru July 20th.



There is a meeting Thursday, July 9th in Newport at the Holiday Inn Express, 135 SE 32nd Street. 6:30 PM