Officials Recommend Keeping Pets at Home for 4th of July

Jun 26, 2019

With 4th of July celebrations just around the corner, people should be aware of how their pets might react to fireworks. Every year, pets run away from home because of unfamiliar and noisy festivities.

House pets can be easily frightened during 4th of July festivities.
Credit Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center

Shannon Lighty, Animal Welfare Supervisor for the Eugene Police Department, warns that animals face risk from fireworks much like people. If they break loose, they could chase the fireworks and burn their face and paws, or get lost.

“It’s usually best to just leave your pet at home in a safe, secure environment,” says Lighty. “That way you can enjoy your day and not worry about your pet, or any tragic event happening around your pet, whether it be them getting lost, getting injured, or somebody else getting injured because they’re animals and may react in unfamiliar situations.”

Lighty also says to be cautious of used fireworks laying around that could cause serious illness in pets if eaten.

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