Officials Say Please Put Your Campfire Out

May 25, 2018

As people head out for Memorial Day weekend camping trips, fire officials are urging caution. Ed Hiatt is the Northwest Oregon Inter-agency Fire Management staff officer in Springfield.

New wildland firefighters train at fire schools statewide in June, like these firefighters training last year at an interagency fire school in Sweet Home.
Credit Oregon Department of Forestry

He says people can help prevent human caused blazes by fully extinguishing their campfires.
“So that their campfire that they had for their evening and roasting their s’mores and their hotdogs does not turn into a large fire on the landscape. Nobody wants that for sure.”
Hiatt urges people to be cautious and take care of their public lands when out recreating. He says there have already been several small fires in the region. One was a campfire that started to spread but was contained by fire crews.