Officials Urge Driver Awareness For Spring Break

Mar 21, 2015

This week is spring break for all the major universities and school districts in Oregon. With that in mind, officials are urging drivers to be extra cautious.

In addition to in-state vacationers, roads may be swelled by travelers from California, which also has many schools on break. Shelley Snow is with the Oregon Department of Transportation. She says the Fourth of July is the most deadly time on the roads, but drivers shouldn’t be complacent this time of year: 

Snow: “People need to step it up a notch in terms of paying attention and being alert. People are going to take the opportunity to be out and about, maybe at levels that they might not have been in the last couple of months. So I think the best thing is to be on the lookout for each other.”

Snow says State Police will be paying special attention to distracted drivers and people traveling too fast for road conditions. She also cautions drivers to be on the lookout for increased bicycle and pedestrian traffic.