Officials Urge The Public To Prevent Wildfire On Public Lands

Jul 31, 2020

With hot, dry weather continuing, fire danger ratings are at a high for much of western Oregon. 

Two years ago, the Terwilliger Fire scorched thousands of acres in the Willamette National Forest. It was human caused, and burned for several months.
Credit US Forest Service

Jon Erickson with the McKenzie River Ranger District in the Willamette National forest wants people who visit public lands to be careful and always make sure your campfire is out. He said it's a good idea to bring a shovel and a bucket to hold water to put out your campfire.

“Even if you’re just leaving your campsite for a few hours, just make sure it’s out." Erickson said. "If it’s unattended, it needs to be out and cold. I think we can all recall those summers where thousands of acres have been burned and I don’t think any of us really want to see that or live with it.”

Especially because the coronavirus pandemic means it’s not business as usual for firefighters. Erickson said crews are kept in modules to limit contact with others. They’re trying to keep crews safe and fire ready.