Officials Warn Of Telemeeting Programs Packed With Malware

May 19, 2020

During this pandemic, many offices and organizations have moved to teleconference programs like Zoom or Skype for remote meetings.  But law officials say cybersecurity is at risk as criminals try to exploit the demand.

Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Beth Anne Steele is with the Oregon FBI. She says some crooks will offer free or discounted programs that look legitimate, but are actually loaded with malware.

"When they do that they can gain access to sensitive data or eavesdrop on conversations," Steele explains.

"Now obviously, there’s a lot of legitimate platforms out there to telework. We just ask people to really evaluate the program they are looking at, the platform that they’re using, and make sure they’re taking the appropriate security protocols.”

Steele says consumers can buy directly from an established, reputable telework software company…or research reviews on less familiar brands. Clicking on unfamiliar links is discouraged.

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