Oregon Bach Festival Gets a New Home

May 30, 2016

The Oregon Bach Festival will break ground on June 17th to start construction of its new home next to the University of Oregon's School of Music.

Credit Hacker Architects

A $6.5 million gift from UO alumni Phyllis and Andrew Berwick will cover the majority of the cost. Portland-based Hacker Architects designed the facility – even bringing in acousticians to ensure the rehearsal room works for the performance of both period and contemporary music pieces.

Spokesman Josh Gren says the new building will allow for a lot more collaboration amongst OBF's various departments.

GREN: "It's going to be one big room that will allow us to chat more – so, the marketing and development team can work closer together; the artistic team can work closer with the operations and administration team. What it will really allow for is a lot more back-and-forth and a lot more collaboration and a more efficient way of running the festival in the future."

Gren says the building's lobby will be a place where School of Music students can work on homework and maybe even, practice the cello. The facility is expected to be finished by the start of the 2017 festival.