Oregon Closes Recreational Hunting And Fishing To Non-Residents

Apr 10, 2020

Oregon is banning all out of state residents from recreational hunting and fishing. It’s yet another fallout from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

While sitting by yourself on the bank of a river with a line in the water may be the epitome of social distancing, wildlife managers say there have been too many cases of people coming to Oregon to hunt and fish, and in the process, taking up resources in rural communities. So the state is closing off all recreational hunting and fishing to non-residents for the length of the declared public health emergency.

The Deschutes River in central Oregon is a popular destination for anglers. File photo.
Credit Chris Lehman / KLCC

ODFW says Oregonians with the appropriate license can continue to hunt and fish, but the agency urges people to find locations close to home.

“Rural communities are concerned about the potential impact of COVID-19 on medical and emergency services, search and rescue and their citizens. Some have asked us to close seasons to reduce travel,” said ODFW Director Curt Melcher. “We would like to keep seasons open to give locals an outlet during this difficult time, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to travel to these communities. Stick close to home and fish at your local lake, pond or river and do not go crabbing or clamming unless you live on the coast, and then only to places where access is still open.”

In Washington, the state has put all recreational hunting and fishing on hold until at least May 4.