Oregon Communities Face Blood Shortage

Mar 23, 2015

Lane Blood Center says recent trauma situations in area hospitals and reduced mobile blood drives have depleted inventories of negative blood types-- particularly the highly coveted-- “O” negative. They are actively seeking donations.

Some people give blood as a matter of course. When their eligibility comes back around, they show up at the blood bank, roll up their sleeve and donate. It’s all over in about 45 minutes. According to the Lane Blood Center, every donation saves up to three lives.

Cynthia Vignos works at the Lane Blood Center. She says she hears all kinds of amazing stories, testimonials almost, about why people give.  This one was a Lane County woman’s personal experience.

Vignos: “She was delivering her child, her son. And he died during the delivery. And she was bleeding internally and required quite a bit of blood and fortunately it was there. It was available for her. And now her way of honoring her son is to donate regularly.”

Rene Bryant is the Lane County woman in this story who lost her son in childbirth and nearly died herself. She now gives blood regularly in honor of her son. She is shown here just after a donation.
Credit Lane Blood Center

Lane Blood Center serves a wide region from Douglas and Lane counties to Puget Sound. Eligible donors must be at least 16 years old and weigh more than 110 pounds.

Tag: A partnership with the restaurant Applebee’s, might entice people to give a pint of blood. They will draw a name very day of March for all-you-can-eat passes.