Oregon Department Of Education Awards Science And Technology Grants

Apr 22, 2014

The Oregon Department of Education wants to promote science, technology, engineering, and math, or "STEM" subjects. It has awarded $2.8 million to six 'learning hubs' around the state.

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub received the largest of the grants. Terry Crews is the project manager. She says Newport schools have had a partnership with marine science centers for about six years…

Credit Oregon Coast STEM

Crews: "With the intent of making Lincoln County School District students the most ocean-literate in the state, if not the country."

One recent project-based lesson involved 32 teams from Lincoln and Tillamook Counties developing renewable energy machines:

Crews: "Students from 4th to 8th grade brought their devices to Hatfield Marine Science Center where they were able to test the wind energy devices in a wind tunnel and the wave energy devices in our wave tanks."

The new funds will expand the program. Crews says the STEM Hub will work with schools from Astoria to Brookings. Community meetings are being held through early May. From those meetings, the group will develop plans to be implemented next school year.

Eugene's Arts and Technology Academy was awarded a State of Oregon STEM Lab School grant today (Tuesday).