Oregon DOJ To Hold Online Listening Sessions In July

Jul 3, 2020

The Oregon Department Of Justice is holding a month-long series of online listening sessions in July to hear from people in marginalized communities.

The Oregon Department of Justice is holding listening sessions during the month of July.
Credit jessica45 from Pixabay

The agency says it wants to hear from people who’ve experienced institutional racism and implicit bias. They’ve scheduled 11 sessions, running about two hours long, using an online video conferencing platform.

Each session has a different focus, which include various racial and ethnic groups. There will also be sessions that focus on people with disabilities, immigrants and religious minorities.

The Department of Justice says the sessions will include information about how to apply for grant opportunities focused on marginalized communities. Each session is free and open to the public, but the agency asks that speaking time be reserved for members of the groups who are the focus of any given session.

"We hope these virtual conversations are an opportunity to hear from different communities about what they are experiencing in Oregon,” said Attorney General Rosenblum in a press release.