Oregon Gas Tax To Rise In New Year

Dec 28, 2019

Oregon drivers will pay more at the pump in the new year as the state’s gas tax is set to rise.

A gas station in Keizer, Oregon. Photo taken December 24, 2019.
Credit Chris Lehman / KLCC

The tax goes up two cents per gallon. It’s the second of four tax hikes included in the massive transportation spending package approved by Oregon lawmakers in 2017. By the time the final gas tax increase takes effect in 2024, the tax will have gone up by a dime.

That will bring Oregon’s gas tax to 40 cents per gallon. That compares to 49 cents per gallon that drivers pay in Washington, and 47 cents per gallon in California.  

Under the Oregon constitution, revenue from taxing motor vehicle fuel can only be used for highway construction or repairs.