Oregon Gets Financial Support To Better Elk Habitat And Research

May 8, 2017

Elk research and habitat restoration in Oregon has just received nearly $270,000 in grant money. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports. 

Credit Nicholas Turland / Flickr.com

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation says the grants benefit 14 counties. Among them is Lane County, where Willamette National Forest biologists plan to enhance meadows in the Foley Ridge area.

WNF spokeswoman Jude McHugh says there’s nearly 300 acres to work on.  

“Due to a lack of fire over time, our meadows up in the high elevations are getting smaller and smaller," McHugh tells KLCC.  "Trees are growing in from the edge, reducing the size of the open area, the grassy area.  And as a result of that, there isn’t as much food, nor as much space for the animals to have their young calves.” 

McHugh says they’ll do prescribed burns and noxious weed control.  She says besides elk, pollinators including bumblebees and butterflies will benefit.

Lane County is receiving nearly $30,000 for two habitat enhancement projects for elk. 

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