Oregon House Approves Bill Meant To Take Guns From Abusers

Apr 23, 2019

The Oregon House voted on Tuesday to approve a bill that’s meant to make it harder for domestic abusers to keep their weapons.

The measure, House Bill 2013, would create a standard process for removing guns from people who are prohibited by a court order from owning them in cases of stalking incidents or abuse. Right now different jurisdictions come up with their own protocols. The bill would also extend the ban on gun possession to abusers who don’t show up in court, as long as they’re notified of the hearingin advance.

Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

In a rare feat for a gun bill at the Oregon capitol, the measure gained bipartisan support. Rep. Ron Noble, R-McMinnville, was one of seven GOP lawmakers to cross the aisle and vote with the Democrats. “This bill simply affords a way for weapons to no longer be in the hands of those who cannot have them,” he said. "I would urge an aye vote." 

The bill passed 43-15 and now heads to the Oregon Senate. A separate, more sweeping gun bill has not been voted on. That measure, Senate Bill 978, was sent to the Senate Rules Committee earlier this month.