Oregon Kids Without Vaccination Face Exclusion Wednesday

Feb 20, 2018

Children who show up to Oregon schools and preschools [tomorrow] Wednesday without required vaccinations won't be allowed in.

Last year, more than 46-hundred Oregon school children were kept out of school, because they were missing shots, or proper documentation. That's after health departments sent out nearly 30-thousand reminder letters to families.

Required shots include measles, mumps & rubella, polio, tetanus, hepatitis and chickenpox, among others.

The Oregon Health Authority counted dozens of schools with disease outbreak risks due to low vaccination rates last school year.

Oregon children can attend school without all their shots if they get a medical exemption signed by a doctor. Parents can also get around the requirement by obtaining a vaccine education certificate, either through a health professional or by taking an online course.

Children who are held out of school due to shots are able to return as soon as they get vaccinated, or submit exemptions.