Oregon Lawmakers Approve Gun Control Measure

Feb 15, 2018

Oregon lawmakers approved a gun control measure Thursday expanding the number of people who are prohibited from buying firearms if they have stalking or domestic violence convictions.

Credit Matt Howry / Flickr

House Bill 4145 closes what’s been called the “boyfriend loophole.”

Under the measure, convicted abusers or stalkers would be banned from purchasing a firearm even if they are not married or living with the victim.

Rep. Jeff Barker is a Democrat and a former police officer. He spoke in favor of the measure on the House floor.

“I like many of you have received emails saying this is another bill that just affects law-abiding gun owners. Colleagues, this is not the case. I’m a law-abiding gun owner. This bill does not affect me because I’m not stalking or committing violent crimes against a former partner.”

The bill is one of Governor Kate Brown’s priority bills. Republican frontrunner for Governor, Knute Buehler, voted in favor of the bill.

It now heads to the Senate.