Oregon Lawmakers Return To Capitol To Prep For February Session

Jan 9, 2020

Oregon lawmakers are returning to the state capitol starting Monday, January 13, for a final round of meetings before the 2020 legislative session kicks off next month.

This year’s session will clock in at a brisk five weeks. So lawmakers are using the three-day long series of meetings known as “Legislative Days” as a way to take an initial look at bills that are in the hopper for February.

Credit Rachael McDonald / KLCC

That includes a discussion Monday morning on a contentious proposal to cap greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon. That bill spurred a walkout by Senate Republicans last year. It’s coming back, though sponsors say they’ve tweaked it in an effort to win more votes. Monday's "informational meeting" will feature invited testimony only.

Another hot topic during Legislative Days will be a bill that could require people to keep their firearms under lock and key when not being used. Activists say they’ll take the proposal to the ballot if lawmakers don’t act during the 2020 session.

The bill, known in its current form as a "Legislative Concept," will be discussed during a joint Wednesday meeting of the House and Senate Interim Judiciary Committees. No public testimony is scheduled, although if the bill is formally introduced during the legislative session in February, lawmakers will likely hold a public hearing at that time.