Oregon Mozart Players Ensemble, Live in the KLCC Studios

Dec 20, 2016

OMP Ensemble in KLCC's SELCO Performance Hall
Credit Photo by Tracy Ilene Miller

  On Tuesday evening, December 13th, KLCC presented a special hour-long broadcast with one of the new small ensembles of the Oregon Mozart Players. Violinists Della Davies and Alice Blankenship and cellist Eric Alterman performed a variety of music (listed below) for a live in-studio audience in KLCC's SELCO Performance Hall. The broadcast celebrated OMP's candlelight baroque concerts at the First Christian Church in Eugene on Friday, December 16th through Sunday, December 18th. Co-hosting the broadcast were KLCC's Eric Alan and OMP's Kelly Kuo. Here is the broadcast in its entirety. 

Coventry Carol 

Corelli: Trio Sonata in G Major Op. 3, No.6 

Vivaldi: Trio Sonata No. 1 in G minor 

Sussex Carol 

Boyce: Trio Sonata No. 10 in E Minor 

Deck the Halls Medley 

Eric Alterman: Fugue for 3 voices in B-flat minor 

Bach Trio Sonata BWV 1038 

Ukrainian Carol of the Bells