Oregon Publishes List of Delinquent Taxpayers

Mar 18, 2016

Oregon’s Department of Revenue has a new approach to collect unpaid taxes. Their website now features a list of the state’s top delinquent taxpayers.

Credit Oregon Department of Revenue

At the top of the list is a Woodburn resident who owes $3.8 million in personal income tax.

Joy Krawczyk is with the state Department of Revenue.

Krawczyk: “When people don’t pay their taxes they’re taking money away from all of the services that Oregon government offers to the people of Oregon.”

Krawczyk says tax revenue goes into the general fund to pay for social services, law enforcement, and education.

She says this is a pilot project to encourage delinquent taxpayers to repay their debt. The list includes the person’s name, address, and amount owed. Krawcyzk says this information is already public record—the Oregon Department of Revenue has posted it in one location.