Oregon State Police Volunteers Patrol Lincoln County School Neighborhoods

Oct 8, 2013

Two OSP Volunteers from Lincoln City – Sheridan Jones and Cindy Dorrell – pose with Oregon State Police from the North Area Command, Senior Trooper Carla Urbigkeit, back left, Senior Trooper Bryan Fitch and Lt. Justin McGladrey, back right.

Oregon State Police volunteers are patrolling the neighborhoods around public schools in Lincoln County.

The OSP volunteers have been active in Lincoln County for more than 25 years. This is the first time they’ve specifically worked on school safety. They approached the school district after the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. Sue Graves is the Safety Coordinator for Lincoln County Schools. She says the volunteers go through background checks and training with OSP. They are not police officers and are unarmed.

Graves: “Their role is not to intervene if there is a situation happening. Their role is to call 911 if there is a dangerous situation. Or if it’s not an immediate danger, to call the school principal or the secretary to let them know what they’re seeing so that the school principal can then take whatever action they deem is important.”

The volunteers patrol school neighborhoods in Lincoln City, Newport and Waldport on a random schedule. They are either on foot or in a marked vehicle. More volunteers are being recruited to expand the effort.