Oregon State University Gets New Research Brewery

Apr 10, 2018

Credit Oregon State University

Oregon State University has a new research brewery. It’s the latest development of the university’s food science program. KLCC’s Deonna Anderson has more.

The new equipment for the brewery was designed in Germany. It allows students and researchers to have consistency across batches of brew. Here’s Tom Shellhammer, the Nor'Wester Professor in Fermentation Science at the university.

Credit Oregon State University

“The unique features about this is that it provides an exposure to our students to a level of control and automation that is very typical to what you’d find in a larger brewery like Deschutes, or Full Sail or Ninkasi that you wouldn’t find in a small pub operation,” he says. “As a result, it sets us apart from anyone else in North America whose got a teaching and research program in brewing science.”

In the coming years, the new equipment will move to a new fermentation building at OSU. The facility will be partially funded by $9 million in state bonds.