Oregon Summit On Women And Girls Calls Leaders To Action

Nov 3, 2016

In September, the Women's Foundation of Oregon released a startling report on the status of women and girls. This Friday, leaders from across the state will hold a summit to discuss solutions.

Among other things, the "Count Her In" report- found the wealth gap for Oregon women is among the worst in the nation. It also found that females perform more than two *billion hours of unpaid caregiving.

Ophelia's Place is a prevention agency in Eugene, for girls 10 to 18. They can talk to a counselor about their day, learn about body image, cyber safety and girl empowerment. Verna Wise is executive director and she's going to the Summit.

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Wise: "I think what we need to do is celebrate the girls that are in our lives and in our communities, because they are amazingly resilient. Too often we focus on the things that go wrong and there are so many things that go right."

Wise says Ophelia's Place is pro-actively keeping girls from becoming a part of the statistics in the "Count Her In" report. The 2016 Oregon Summit on Women and Girls will host 80 nonprofit and public service organizations from Ashland to Portland.