Oregonians May See Delay in State Tax Returns

Mar 27, 2016

Some Oregonians may have to wait longer than usual for their state tax refunds. In February the Oregon Department of Revenue flagged one in three tax returns for manual review, more than double the regular amount.

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Data breaches at the Internal Revenue Service have increased the likelihood of tax fraud. But it’s just one reason someone may have to wait for their refund.  

Bob Estabrook is with the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Estabrook: “There’s a whole range of particular circumstances that can come up for different taxpayers, and that’s why we’re seeing this year that there are some more folks who are going to be waiting a little bit longer because of the number of dynamics that are playing into that this particular year."

Estabrook says missing documents, incorrect math, and mistakes claiming Oregon’s kicker tax can delay returns up to 12 weeks.

He says to move the process along quickly, file electronically and have refunds directly deposited into bank accounts.