Oregon's Hazelnut Industry Pinched By Storms, Trump's Trade War

Jun 10, 2019

The trade war between the U.S. and China has affected many agricultural growers, and the hazelnut industry is no exception.

President Trump visits farmers in Georgia in fall, 2018.
Credit The White House / Flickr.com

Garry Rodakowski is Chair of the Oregon Hazelnut Commission, and runs a 60-acre hazelnut farm. He says after President Trump first imposed tariffs against the Chinese, that nation retaliated against American farmers. 

Rodakowski says many in his industry are still rebounding from a harsh winter.

Garry Rodakowski's hazelnut farm after this winter's heavy storms.
Credit Garry Rodakowski

“Four years ago I was getting $1.80 a pound, and this year I’m got 62 cents a pound, and it takes me a dollar to break even," Rodakowski tells KLCC. 

"And so the disaster and the snow were one thing, but the fact that the crop was severely impacted by the tariffs that China put on our product, was kind of a double-whammy if you will.”

President Trump has defended tariffs as a way to penalize China for its trade practices, and says “patriot farmers” will ultimately benefit.

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