Oregon's Senator Wyden Vows To Fight Republican Health Bill

Jun 23, 2017

Thousands of Oregonians could lose Medicaid coverage under the Senate Republican’s health care proposal. Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden says he is prepared to fight the latest version of Trump-Care in what he calls a “battle for the ages”.

Credit columbiariverreview.com

In a conference call with reporters, Wyden said the republican health plan would reduce Medicaid reimbursements by a third for low-income Oregonians. He says it’s a double whammy because the plan cuts federal matching of the state’s Community First Choice program by 150 million dollars. The program serves adults and children with severe developmental disabilities. But Wyden says Democrats are not giving up the fight.
 “This is, in my view, one of the biggest social battles in terms of the ramifications for Oregon and the country. This is about the well-being of the social safety-net and the health care services that are a lifeline to the thousands of Oregonians and millions of Americans who walk an economic tightrope.”
Wyden is the ranking democrat on the Senate Finance Committee. He says he’s “digging in", preparing to fight the republican health care bill next week at the capitol.