Oregon's Senators Hear From College Students About Costs Of School

Oct 12, 2015

Both of Oregon's U.S. Senators were on the University of Oregon campus today (Monday) to hear from college students about how to deal with the rising cost of school. They called it a "listening session."

Ashley Jackson (front row in white) addresses Senators Wyden and Merkley.
Credit Karen Richards

Senators Wyden and Merkley addressed several dozen students at the U of O's Knight Library. Most are Pell Grant recipients. Many are the first in their family to attend college. The senators are introducing a suite of bills to help students pay for secondary education. They gathered input from the room to take back to Washington.

LCC Student Body President Ashley Jackson is preparing for a law degree. She asked the senators how the legislation could help part time students, and help cover costs other than tuition, such as child care:

Jackson: "It's great to be heard. And I believe they heard us because of their follow-up questions, but I've never lived a year in this state where education was affordable. So, looking at the future for our kids, it's hard to stay strong."

The senators will address these issues throughout the fall. One of the bills offers incentives for schools to freeze tuition. Another would restructure student loans.