OSU And Intel Collaborate On Cyber Security Course

Feb 6, 2015

Credit securityaffairs.co

As more information is being transferred and stored on the Internet, cybersecurity is emerging as a highly sought after employment field. The demand has led to collaboration between Oregon State University and Intel Security through a course that trains cyber security professionals. The class titled, "Defense Against the Dark Art" offers hands-on experience on topics such as malware, software vulnerabilities, and mobile device security. OSU Professor Terri Feiz says in a short time, cyber attacks have grown from a few hundred, to millions worldwide.

Fiez: "We're really early, it's at its infancy, and if we really don't make this a part of the core curriculum and the core training that students experience at the University, we're not going to stay ahead of this in the industry overall."

Fiez says they will be recording during lectures and labs. OSU then plans on sharing the information with other businesses in Oregon. The class is being offered this term, and maxed out capacity at 60 students.

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