OSU Boasts High Success Rate For Vaccination Requirement

Feb 20, 2018

Following an outbreak of the deadly Meningococcal B disease, Oregon State University instituted a vaccination requirement policy. Students who do not comply will not be allowed to enroll in classes next term. And that’s not all.

OSU reports as of Monday, 97.7 % of its students under the age of 26 have begun or completed the vaccine regimen. That’s out of a population of around 20,000. This could be the largest and most successful college mass vax effort in Oregon history.  

Credit Oregon State University

Only 2.3% of eligible students, about 460, have yet to receive a shot or provide documentation of immunization. OSU’s Steve Clark says unvaccinated students will not be able to register for Spring Classes.

“They are also subject to sanctions within our code of student conduct,” says Clark. “Because they are putting themselves and others at medical risk.”

Clark says there have been a couple hundred exemptions for religious or medical reasons. And they’re prepared to approach students one-on-one to help the stragglers comply with the requirement. That is if they want to continue their education at OSU.