OSU Documentary Film On Global Coral Reef Decline Makes Waves

Nov 10, 2019

A feature-length documentary directed and produced at Oregon State University in Corvallis-- could have environmental impacts around the world.

The 2018 film, Saving Atlantis, captures the beauty and evident decline of the world’s coral reefs. It is believed 50% of them have been lost in the last 50 years. 

Filmmakers David Baker and Justin Smith learned to scuba dive in order to film coral reefs around the world.
Credit David A. Baker

The filmmakers traveled across the globe, following scientists and local organizers who fight to save surviving portions of corals. Saving Atlantis was screened in capital cities and remote villages.  

The 75-minute documentary feature is now in distribution on digital platforms worldwide.
Credit Oregon State Productions

Co-director David Baker says the film is having impacts in South America. 

Authorities pay attention: “There’s one reef in Columbia called Varadero that was just recently discovered by scientists. And that reef was slated to be dredged to make a new shipping channel. So we started to bring a lot of attention to this issue. The authorities started to pay a little bit of attention.”

David Baker documents coral reef health for Saving Atlantis film.
Credit David A. Baker

Saving Atlantis is now in worldwide digital distribution. Baker says proceeds will be used to award fellowships to student filmmakers at OSU.